TrafficSprout Terms of Service
Thank you for using These Terms of Service (the “Agreement”) is a binding contract between you and, (the “Company”). By accessing or making any purchase from the Company, you indicate your acceptance of this Agreement and its terms and conditions.

Additional terms and conditions may apply to additional areas of the website or to particular negotiations or content posted on the site, in conjunction with the actual Terms of Service Agreement. holds the right to make changes to the Agreement at any time. Customers who use the agree to follow any change or modification and are bound to the modified Terms of Service Agreement. The current revision date of the Terms of Service is listed above.

Please Read The Terms Of Services With Utmost Care Before Visiting And Enjoying Its Services. Continuing To Stay At And Use And Subscribing To Any Package Offered Through This Website Implies That The User Agrees To Obeys All The Provisions Of The Terms Of Service.

TrafficSprout shall carry out the campaign (with or without the help of affiliated ad networks) to increase the visitors on the website of the client.

The client solely owns all liabilities for their content. It is sole responsibility of the client to ensure the compliance of the laws and regulations, and respect the rights of any other parties.

The client agrees not to violate any provision of the contract. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that the Terms of Services are not conflicting with the contract of any third party. The client represents and warrants that TrafficSprout shall not be party to such violation.

The client agrees not to use the Services for any purpose not compliant with the laws in the country where client resides.

TrafficSprout may modify or terminate the Services at any time without serving notice, provided that the existing user may be refunded or served in case of permanent termination of the Services.

TrafficSprout reserves the right to amend, change or modify any provision of the Terms of Services, and the amended, changed or modified Terms of Services shall be effective immediately after they are posted on

TrafficSprout may refuse Services to any client without notice.

TrafficSprout may refuse websites containing popups, offensive, or intrusive material. If any website found to have popup after the order has been processed, TrafficSprout reserves the right to stop the campaign without any liability to the client.

TrafficSprout shall not serve to the website containing viruses, malware, or any script that may change browser settings or hurt user experience.

The client shall be responsible to verify the URL of the website before the order is placed. TrafficSprout will only change their URL at their own free will, if permitted.

The client hereby acknowledges that the statistics counted by the third party websites may fail to represent actual statistics of the visitors, and TrafficSprout shall not be liable for those statistics.

The client shall monitor the visitor statistics via a URL shortened link that will be delivered to him/her on the initiation of the Service. TrafficSprout feels that Google's URL shortener provides the most accurate visitor statistics.

The clients are liable to ensure that the website does not contain spamming, threatening, offensive, defamatory, libelous, objectionable, pornographic, obscene, vulgar, abusive, hatred, illegal, or deceptive content, and that it does not have false investment advice or any content violating any law or infringing the rights of the other parties. TrafficSprout reserves the right to deny or stop the provision of the Services in case of violation of the preceding provision.

TrafficSprout may refuse the Service to the client in case the website contains unlawful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, libelous or objectionable content, or otherwise violate the Terms of Service or Privacy Policy.

If the client is in dispute with TrafficSprout on the visitor statistics, the issue shall be resolved by showing proof of delivered visitors within the provided Google tracking URL.

The client shall pay all the payment at the time of submitting the order to TrafficSprout.

The price for various packages is provided on the pricing page. TrafficSprout reserves the right to modify such price from time to time without serving a prior notice. The price or payment shall refer to the updated and current price of the package.

The pricing page forms the part of the TOS.

TrafficSprout accepts payments through Paypal.

The payment made for the Services by the client to TrafficSprout is not refundable unless TrafficSprout fails to deliver the job as per the description of the Service after confirmation.

In case of any dispute, client agrees to prefer TrafficSprout dispute resolution arrangements.

The clients shall not dispute the credit card transaction without trying TrafficSprout dispute resolution arrangements first.

The parties are liable to comply with the terms and conditions of all involved credit card companies and payment processors.

The clients are advised for their own benefits to ensure that they understand all aspects of the transactions and have an independent legal opinion before making a final decision to subscribe to the Services. TrafficSprout owns no liability if you omit to read the TOS.

The client can cancel their campaign at any time by emailing or calling in to our support team, or through the contact page (mentioned in section 12).

TrafficSprout reserves the right to revise, amend, change, alter, replace, withdraw and declare not-applicable any of the provisions of the TOS without serving a prior notice. Such revision, amendment, change, alteration, replacement, withdrawal or inapplicability shall come into force soon after it is posted on the TOS page.

TrafficSprout reserves the right to terminate, amend, modify or make unavailable any part or feature of the Services without notice. The user who has made the payment for the Services is entitled to demand the Service as prescribed at the time of the order or refund.

TrafficSprout offers the Services to the users having legal qualification to enter into a valid contract as to the age and solvency. If you do not have such qualification, TrafficSprout hereby advises you not to use the Services. TrafficSprout disclaims any such liabilities.

The user is prohibited to use TrafficSprout in a manner that can cause damage, disable, impair or overburden it or interfere with the use of any other user.

The user is forbidden hereby to employ any robot, spider, any automatic device or manual process or means to access for any purpose, including but not limited to copying or monitoring any of the material on without prior consent of TrafficSprout.

The user is prohibited to use any device or software that interfere with or obstruct proper functioning of

The user is not allowed to introduce any malicious or harmful material into

The user expressly prohibited to maneuver to obtain an unauthorized access to, interfere with, damage, or disrupt any part of the Services,, its host server or any affiliated database, computer or server.

Subject to any additional or separate written agreement, the TOS constitutes the entire agreement between TrafficSprout and you with respect to the Services.

TrafficSprout may assign part of the Services to be performed by our affiliates, partners or any contractor.

The headings, subheadings and numbers in the TOS are for convenience of the reader and reference only, and they do not aim to limit, construe, define, or determine the scope of the provisions herein contained.

The Privacy Policy forms the part of the TOS. It is posted separately on at the following URL:

If TrafficSprout fails to enforce any right available at the TOS, any additional agreement or any law for the time being in force, it shall neither imply that TrafficSprout waives the right nor deprive its entitlement to enforce such right subsequently.

TrafficSprout may assign any right arising from the TOS to any person or entity. The user agrees not to assign the right available at the TOS to any person or entity.

TrafficSprout strictly adheres to non-infringement of copyrights and believes it has not violated any rights of other party during the course of its business. TrafficSprout shall immediately resolve the matter in case of any person proves that TrafficSprout has infringed his/her rights. Please do not hesitate to send an email to that effect.

All the material contained in, including, without limitation, the content, software, images, drawings and design, is the sole property of TrafficSprout and is protected by the copyright protection laws for the time being in force and by the relevant International Treaties. No user is allowed to copy, reproduce, distribute, reprint, host or use in any manner without the written approval of TrafficSprout.

In the event of infringement of our rights, we shall take strict legal action, and shall also claim damages.

TrafficSprout reserves the rights not hereby claimed.

The Services And Material Offered By Trafficsprout, Including, Without Limitation, The Text, Images, Graphics, Software, Tools And Business Strategies Are Made Availabe On An 'as Is' Basis Without Any Express Or Implied Warranties. To The Extent Permitted By The Law For The Time Being In Force, Trafficsprout Disclaims, Hereby, All Representations And Warranties Including, Without Limitation, The Implied Warranties That The Services Have No Virus Or Have Merchantability, Continuous Without Any Fault Or Interruption Or Are Fit For A Particular Purpose; Trafficsprout Does Not Represent Or Warrant The Accuracy, Completeness, Currentness, Non-infringement Or Errorlessness Of The Services.

Force Majeure: TrafficSprout is a professional business entity and adheres to the commitments and promises it has made with the clients. There are events that may make TrafficSprout to unable to provide the Services such as an act of God, natural disaster, lock-outs, fire, floods, strikes, labor troubles, riots, war, insurrection or any cause beyond the reasonable control of TrafficSprout. In such situations, neither TrafficSprout nor the client shall be held liable for the breach of any provision of the TOS or delay of the Services. The Services may be suspended until the existence of such situations. In case, the situation exists for a continuous period of thirty (30) days, the TOS shall be terminated between the user who has paid to TrafficSprout for the Services and receives no part of the Services, and shall be entitled to claim the refund.

Extent of Liability: Unless provided otherwise in the TOS or any other additional or separate agreement, the aggregate liability of TrafficSprout with respect to the Services for all claims shall not be in excess of the original price of the Services the user has paid to TrafficSprout for the job from which the dispute, claim or demand has arisen.

TrafficSprout does not guarantee for the increase in the sales volumes, registration, subscriptions or sign-ups.

All errors and omissions excepted.

TrafficSprout shall not be liable for any damages, losses or costs resulting from the misuse of the Services in any manner.

The client understands that there are some technical issues that may interfere with the provision of the Services to the client that include, without limitation, errors on the client’s website, downtime on client’s server and network outages beyond TrafficSprout’s servers. TrafficSprout owns no liability for the technical issues associated with the client’s website.

TrafficSprout owns no liability for any loss or damage wither direct or indirect, incidental or punitive including, without limitation, the loss of profit or opportunity arising from the use or failure to use the Services, even TrafficSprout has been advised of the possibility of occurrence of such damage or loss.

TrafficSprout guarantees the category, quantity and country of visitor traffic. TrafficSprout owns no liability for, including, without limitation, the visitor’s time spent on the website, bounce rate, average number of pages per visitor, browser used, toolbars installed, popup or ad-blocking enabled or disabled, javascript enabled or disabled.

PayPal is used for processing payments on Please refer to PayPal’s terms and privacy policy for more information about how payment information is processed and stored.

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