TrafficSprout Privacy Policy
Except otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, the word, terms and expressions used will give the same meaning as assigned to them in the TOS.

1. Information refers to your information including, without limitation, your Private Information, Payment Information or anonymous information.
2. Private Information refers to your unique, identifiable and contact information including, without limitation, your names, address and contact information.
3. Payment Information refers to the payment method you use to buy our Services such as PayPal or any payment method we may notify to be acceptable.

TrafficSprout aims to offer you with efficient, secure, hassle-free, reliable and friendly user experience. To this end, your Information is essential to the sooth provision of the services including, without limitation, processing the order, running campaign, studying user trend and user preference, maintaining security, and keeping the user updated with reference to our latest offers and the Services.

TrafficSprout may modify this Privacy Policy at any time. The modified Privacy Policy shall apply upon it is posted on TrafficSprout may, but not obliged to, notify our regular users to that effect.

TrafficSprout requires the user to possess certain qualifications. You are only allowed to visit and buy our Services if you are:
1- Eighteen (18) years of the age/emancipated minor under the applicable laws of your local jurisdiction.
2- Not insolvent.
3- Not restricted person under the applicable laws.
4- Not resident of the country designated as a sanctioned country.

The Privacy Policy governs the relationship between you and TrafficSprout, directors, employees, our affiliates, contractors, service providers, agents and successors and partners.

TrafficSprout allows you to access by using desktop computer(s), smartphone, tablet or any device which supports (“Computer”). The Privacy Policy governs your act of access to via any technology.

When is accessed, your Computer communicates with TrafficSprout’s server. At this point, the server sends cookies (a small text-only file), web beacons or similar technology to collect the certain information including, without limitation, technical information about your Computer, browser, geo-location, browsing history, the Service package you may have selected to buy, data provided in the given forms and software or applications installed on your Computer (for further details please visit, at your own risk,

TrafficSprout may use third party website links, tools and cookies (“Third Party Content”) to optimize the user’s experience or process the order or provide you the Services. TrafficSprout is not liable for any liability based, in any manner, on such Third Party Content. TrafficSprout strongly recommends you to determine risks involved in the use of Third Party Content by reviewing such third party’s privacy practices and ensure that it is safe to use Third Party Content.

While creating your user account and/or placing your order, we request you to provide us with following Information including, but not limited to;
1- Private Information
2- Payment Information
3- Webpage and
4- The content of your order.

We may retain your Information as long as we need it and may remove or delete the same from our database at our sole discretion. Your Information is stored in the servers of our service providers located at different locations within the United States. You acknowledge that we may shift the locations of our host servers at any time without prior notification; provided that we may inform you if we intend to shift the data beyond the United States. Furthermore, the service providers are bound under the applicable law to maintain strict security and privacy of the data to the extent possible with the available technology.

TrafficSprout utilizes your Information for:

1- processing your order and transaction
2- maintaining security
3- enforcing the TOS and this Privacy Policy
4- checking fraudulent and malicious activities
5- customizing, improving and optimizing the Services
6- contacting you to update you about our latest offers and features
7- sharing with legitimate authorities for enforcement of the applicable law and
8- any other purpose incidental to the services.

We respect your privacy and will not ordinarily disclose your information to any private entities being not our contractors, agents, employee, service provider or affiliates. Being a professional and law abiding business, we maintain our strict compliance with the applicable law and any order, request or process justified by the applicable. To comply with such law, order, requests or processes, TrafficSprout may disclose your Information to official authorities of the State of California, USA or to any other authority in the cases where we consider, in good faith, that we are bound to do so under the applicable laws, or when we believe, in good faith, that such disclosure may be helpful to check, trace or stop fraudulent, illegal and criminal activities or infringement of any legal rights.

TrafficSprout collects, uses, stores and process your Information substantially in compliance with this Privacy Policy. TrafficSprout will never sell, lease or share your Information to or with any person or entity not falling within the scope TrafficSprout’s contractors, employees, service providers, owner, directors, affiliates or partners. To protect your Information from the potential threats, TrafficSprout employs programs, measures and technologies of current industry standards including, but not limited to, firewalls, data encryption applications, physical, administrative and technical infrastructure.

Despite The Safegaurds Implemented To Protect Your Information, We Are Unable To Guarantee That Your Information:
1- Is Fully Secure
2- Cannot Be Misused By Any Third Party By Employing Illegal Or Unauthorized Means
Every Internet Based Database Is Subject To Cyber Attacks And Theft. However, Trafficsprout Is Committed To Maintain Such Safegaurds Against Such Threats.